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Simple Cement Mixer Maintenance in Winter

Submitted by Cynthia,10/08/2013

The whether is getting cold and winter is coming. How to maintain simple cement mixer in winter?

The work capacity of concrete mixer and concrete batching plant will become small in winter. Concrete mixer will be rarely used in winter. It is the time when concrete mixer users would ignore simple cement mixer maintenance. The followings are some advices about simple cement mixer maintenance in winter to ensure cement mixer can normally work in the cold season:

Maintenance 1: Concrete mixer users need pay attention to not letting the batcher deposit water. Especially take care of the batching control instrument, because the batching control instrument is the electronic instrument. The batching control instrument will be damaged once after being exposed to the sun or rain or lightning, which will seriously affect the accuracy of batching and thus affecting the progress of construction project. So the position of batching control instrument should be equipped with sunshine proof, rainproof, dustproof, lightning protection and other facilities.

Maintenance 2: Cement mixer is made of steel. Because cement mixer is often exposed to the air, so concrete mixer is easily to be corroded. So concrete mixer users must check the corrosion protection work of concrete mixer. Inspect whether paint coating is intact and whether the thickness and smoothness of paint coating are qualified.

Maintenance 3: In the cold season, after working, concrete mixer users need wash the drum of concrete mixer using water. Drain the stagnant water in pump, water pipe and water tank in order to avoid being frozen. In addition, concrete mixer users also need lubricate and add oil for concrete mixer according to the maintenance procedures.

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