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Small Batch Concrete Mixer Advantages

Submitted by Cynthia,10/11/2013

Small batch concrete mixer advantages are as followings:

1, High reliability. After more than 10 years of development, concrete mixer and concrete batching plant in China now have good reliability. The development process is: introduction- digestion - part domestic production- all domestic production - improvement.

It is normal for general concrete production company to continuously manufacture 10000 cubic meters of concrete. Key components, such as concrete mixer, screw conveyor, main control and aerodynamic components, these parts has been quite stable. The mixing blades of small batch concrete mixer adopts unique wear-resistant materials-high chromium and high manganese alloy. Shaft bearing and sealing of small concrete mixer use distinctive multi-sealing or air seal, which greatly improve the reliability of concrete mixer.

As for the discharging hopper and other parts which is easily to be worn and impacted, concrete mixer manufacturers would use wear resistant steel plate to reinforce.

All concrete mixers adopt industrial computers to control. Small concrete mixers can be both automatically controlled and manually operated, so the operation of concrete mixer is simple and convenient. Dynamic panel displays the running conditions of each part of concrete mixer, at the same time, it can store a variety of data and is able to print various report forms according to requirements. The control room is equipped with air conditioning which can ensure the electrical components of concrete mixer have a long service life, stable performance and be reliable.
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