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Small Cement Mixer Knowledge

Submitted by Cynthia,12/25/2013

Small cement mixer is one commonly used equipment by people to build houses. Small cement mixer is one mixing machinery which mainly admix cement, aggregate and water and produce concrete.

Cement mixer is widely used in the construction industry. Material ratio of cement mixer is very important, which will directly affect the quality of concrete.

Concrete mixer is mainly composed of mixing drum, feeding and discharging system, water supply system, prime motor, transmission gear, frame, supporting device and other parts.

During working period, cement mixer is mainly driven by the driving device connected between shaft and rotation gear. The rotation gear drives mixing drum. There is gear ring which is equipped on the axis of rotation. Wheel gear which engages with gear ring is installed on the  axis of rotation. Portable concrete mixer is economical and practical. It has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design. In addition, the engagement of wheel gear and gear ring will effectively overcome the slipping phenomenon between tug and the mixing drum in rainy and foggy weather. The transmission mechanism adopted by cement mixer can further ensure the elimination of slipping phenomenon between tug and the mixing drum.

Portable concrete mixer is widely used and wins the appreciation of the majority of users.

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