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Submitted by Cynthia,03/26/2014
For safely operating small cement mixer machinery, what matters should users pay attention to?

1. Small cement mixer machinery should implement secondary electric leakage protection. After the power being switched on and before using concrete mixer, users must carefully check. Carry out empty test and make sure everything is at good condition, then concrete mixer can be applied. Check whether the rotating rate is appropriate. Under normal circumstances, rotating rate of empty vehicle is faster 2~3 circles than that of loading concrete mixer.

2. Small cement mixer machinery should be placed at flat position. Put wooden block under wheel shafts of concrete mixer to elevate tyres, thus avoiding movement when starting concrete mixer.

3. After starting up small cement mixer machinery, regularly take care whether all parts of concrete mixer are normally functioning. When stop using small concrete mixer, regularly check whether mixing blades of concrete mixer are bent, screws have been knocked off or flexible.

4. After concrete being mixed or concrete mixer is going to be closed down for more than one hour, discharge the remaining materials. Then clean up the mixing drum by using stones and water. After cleaning, drain the materials and make sure there is no water in mixing drum. At the same time, users also should clean up the dust stratification at the outside of concrete mixer to keep it clean.

5. After finishing work or closing down concrete mixer, cut off the electricity supply and lock the switch box to ensure safety.

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