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Standardly Operate Cement Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,05/29/2013
How to standardly operate cement concrete mixer?

When many users use cement concrete mixer, they do not operate cement concrete mixer according to the manufacturers’ advices and standard operating procedures, thus resulting in the quality of concrete does not meet the standard, which will cause great loss and waste. This situation is very commonly seen.

So standarly operating cement concrete mixer is crucial to effectively ensure the output quality of concrete. We need to know how to standardly operate cement concrete mixer.
Firstly, the amount of ingredients and way of mixing are directly related to the quality of produced concrete. At the time of production, users need  carefully pay attention to the ingredients. Users also need to adjust the ingredients according to the output quality of concrete. This operation should be carried on according to the season, weather, raw materials and other factors. As for the feeding time, residue refeed and so on also need to explore in the production process.

Users also should pay attention to the mixing situation of the material in the drum of concrete mixer, timely adjust according to the surface humidity and so on, which has a very important relationship to the output quality of concrete. Also because of the humidity in batching process cannot be directly observed, the humidity can only be made by ceaceless observing stirring barrel. Users need make a suitable operation method  according to the circumstances in the long-term of operation. While, stirring time and speed should also be varied according to the observation.  In concrete mixer production, it is incorrect to cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.

There will happen many unexpected cases in the concrete mixer production, which requires us well know about concrete mixer and correct concrete mixer operation in advance.
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