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Structures of Automatic Promotion Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,10/08/2012

JZC series and JZD series automatic promotion concrete mixer is the self loading with reverse discharging function. It is characterized by biconical mixing drum, positive turn for mixing and reverse turn for discharging automatically and can mix plasticity and fluidity. It is used to common construction sites, road construction, bridge construction and etc. Our products are designed and manufactured according to the Standards of GB/T9142-2000 Concrete Mixer. Our JZC 300/350T concrete mixer and JZD 300/350T concrete mixer are wheel type style, it is convenient to move.
 1.Chassis structure of automatic promotion concrete mixer
The chassis, welded by sheel, is the base of the concrete mixer, for almost all the parts and accessories mounted on it. Under the chassis, there is a pair of wheels. There are brace connection feet with adjustable height under the front and back of chassis respectively. Before the concrete mixer is at work, prop up the chassis to check the steady of the machine and the wheel should be out of the land. 

2. Drive structure of automatic promotion concrete mixer
JZC300T/350T concrete mixer is electric power motor. JZC300T/350T concrete mixer is drove by diesel
The electric motor which uses 4KW to start,slow down through the belt drive and output by gear box so that the splined shaft running. Through the 20 gear mounted on the splined shaft to drive the big gear rim on the drum, and the speed of drum rotating shall reach 17 rpm. When the electric motor rotates reversely, so does the drum, at this time the concrete mixture discharges fastly. 

3. Mixing structure of automatic promotion concrete mixer
When the drum is rotating, the two pair of blades wielded inside the drum not only drive the mixture lifting and loading, but also move back and forth. Good quality concrete is made by excellent blades, when the drum runs reversely, the mixture can be discharged.

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