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Technical Knowledge of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,02/21/2013
Here we are talking about technical knowledge of twin shaft concrete mixer.

Twin shaft concrete mixer has large stirring power, low energy consumption, high mixing quality, easy operation, small volume, and convenient installation and disconnecting and easy to transport.
Twin shaft concrete mixer can mix dry rigid, plastic, light aggregate concrete and mortar, mortar and mixture, and is a multifunctional mixer.

Concrete mxier let materials in the concrete stirring barrel do circumferential motion. It is composed of feeding, stirring, discharging, water supplying, pneumatic or electric control part. It can mix pebbles, gravel aggregate whose diameter is below 80mm, 60mm and could mix rigid concrete, plastic concrete, and all kinds of motars.

Twin shaft concrete mixer is featured by high mixing speed and evenly mixing. It is applied to all types of medium, small prefabricated factories and road, bridge, water conservancy, ports, terminals and other industrial and civil engineering construction departments to mix dry concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. In addition, it is a kind of high efficiency construction equipment and its application is very wide.

Double shaft type concrete mixer can work independently or form a simple mixing station with the corresponding batching machines.

In conclusion, double-shaft concrete mixer has the advantages of compact structure, superior performance, has the advantages of high production efficiency, high mixing quality, low energy consumption, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance and repair etc.. It is the best choice in construction, roads, water conservancy construction, bridges, ports, airports and other works and various types of precast concrete factories.

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