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The Classifications of Concrete

Submitted by Cynthia,05/08/2013

Concrete can be classified by different ways. The classifications of concrete are as followings:

1. Concrete can be classified into inorganic cementitious materials concrete and organic cement concrete according to the cementing material.

2. Concrete is able to be grouped into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and lightweight concrete according to the apparent density.

3. Concrete also can be classified into lightweight aggregate concrete, porous concrete, coarse porous concrete.

4. According to the use function, concrete can be grouped into structure concrete, decorative concrete, waterproof concrete, refractory concrete, road concrete, anti-radiation concrete, etc.

5. According to the manufacturing technology, concrete can be classified into centrifugal concrete, vacuum grouting concrete, spraying concrete, roller compacted concrete, pumping concrete and other concretes.

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