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The importance of running drum type concrete mixer correctly

Submitted by Cynthia,01/08/2013
Drum type concrete mixer, whether it is large or small type concrete mixer, are models of civilian type concrete mixer. It usually used in small construction projects and house building.

Drum concrete mixer should be operated correctly, otherwise it can not only bring users the ideal benefit, but is likely to give the user the inconvenience. The correct operation steps are: when the motor running normally, and push on total clutch At first, to make concrete mixer runs for 2-3 minutes without any aggregates, the feed the aggregate. Non-professional staff concrete mixer working close to the forbidden, staff in the drum concrete mixer operation is are forbidden in repair and maintenance.

Please ensure to safe and correct operate drum type concrete mixer.

Pioneer offers the following types of drum type concrete mixers:
JZC series portable concrete mixer:  JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, JZC300T,JZC350T
JZM small concrete mixer:  JZM350, JZM500
JZD series diesel concrete mixer:JZD300, JZD350, JZD300T, JZD350T

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