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Used Concrete Mixer Development Prospects

Submitted by Cynthia,08/06/2013

Small and medium-sized enterprises will massively purchase and rent used concrete mixer in order to develop and break the bondage of fund shortage.

At present, China has entered the high growth investment period. The process of urbanization and industrialization will continue to accelerate. Hydropower, nuclear power, oil field, railway, highway, port and other projects will speed up the construction. The investment demands of large-scale development of China's western region, new rural construction, the construction of small towns are large. Rural roads will be greatly increased.

Used concrete mixer is gradually favored by more and more enterprises, especially small and medium sized enterprises with cheap price, quick return of investment and high cost performance.
After 6 consecutive years of rapid development, Chinese construction machinery industry has begun to enter the "equipment replacement period". According to the modern equipment repair theory, equipment need to be overhauled after using for 5 - 8 years. 70% of users have to replace the new machines. Used concrete mixer has been widely recognized by the society due to its low price and high cost performance price. The social demand for used concrete mixer sharply rises.

Used concrete mixer equipment will enter industrialization and will form the industry chain of used concrete mixer equipment recycling, machining (maintenance, renovation and reproducing), selling, importing and exporting. Used concrete mixer equipment will go to the scale of operation development. With the continuous increasing demand for used concrete mixer equipment, used concrete mixer equipment market has seen some significant changes.

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