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Workload problems in cement mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,12/06/2012

Users shall pay attention to the following problems when the electric cement mixer is in loading.
When the cement mixer is running in loading, the operator shall care more about the switching sequence so as to ensure the normal working of the machine.

According to the operation instructions, the user shall switch on the twin shaft concrete mixer, and then consecutively turn on the water valve and other parts. For first switch on the concrete mixer shall make the whole set into working state quickly.

According to the conditions of machine running and aggregate feeding, the user can adjust the valves of water supply pipe to control water reasonably. For this process can ensure the optimal moisture that the concrete mixture needed.

When the work is done, the machine stops running, the user shall firstly shut down electric lock gas detector, then water valve, and turn off the electric cement mixer, according to the instruction. These steps can better protect the concrete mixer and prolong its serve life.

Many years’ experience well proved that correct operation and good maintenance during the cement mixer running can not only prolong the life of machine but also ensures the good quality of concrete mixture.

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